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Dr. Monte Sanford

Dr. Sanford is an environmental consultant, working largely for Native American Tribes. He specializes in tribal cultural history and human-environment relations. He worked on behalf of multiple tribal governments to successfully defeat the SNWA groundwater development project, where he identified major errors in the federal EIS, the monitoring and mitigation plans, and the SNWA's false arguments. 


Dr. Sanford was successful in nominating Bahsahwahbee (Sacred Water Valley or Swamp Cedars) on the National Register of Historic Places as a Traditional Cultural Property. His work on behalf of Tribal clients continues to obtain protections for that sacred land. And he is working on a National Monument campaign to obtain protection of Bahsahwahbee in perpetuity.


He also provides litigation support to attorneys to help protect sacred lands from development projects including water developments, oil and gas drilling, mining, roads, transmission lines, wind energy facilities, and nuclear power facilities among many others.


Dr. Sanford has expertise in historical, ethnographic, and environmental research for Tribal Nations. He has a strong background in using that information to support Tribal endeavors, such as crafting legal designation documents for cultural sites, providing testimony in trials and legislative forums, conducting in-depth reviews of federal agency NEPA documents, and supporting education and outreach efforts that benefit the Tribes. 

Monte was born and raised in the prairie state of Iowa. At 18, he went looking for mountains and found himself in Idaho, where he obtained a Bachelors degree at Idaho State University. Years later, he received a Ph.D. from the University of Nevada in Reno, where he also did some post-doctoral work. He has received honorary awards from those universities and from the National Science Foundation. He has attended law seminars on NEPA, NHPA, and Tribal water law. 

Monte is also a prolific traveler. He's traveled extensively in China, Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, and Latin America. He lives in Idaho.

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