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Grand Canyon


Dr. Monte Sanford is an advisor and consultant to indigenous tribal nations. He specializes in tribal cultural history and protection of sacred sites. Several of his projects have been featured in National Geographic Travel and PRX. ​


His work on Bahsahwahbee (Sacred Water Valley) has been instrumental in its long-term protection, including:


  • Designation as a National Historic Property;

  • Contribution to a first-of-a-kind legislation (signed into law) in Nevada to protect Bahsahwahbee for indigenous people;

  • Testimony on a senate resolution that passed unanimously to support a National Monument designation; and

  • Expert testimony in the largest water rights trial in Nevada's history which led to a historic ruling in the protection of Bahsahwahbee.


Designated by three Tribal Nations, Sanford is the Tribal campaign director for the Proposed Bahsahwahbee National Monument.


Also an author, Sanford has a new book that will be published in the coming months. It is a startling and provocative discovery of four monks from ancient India who ignited spiritual movements that penetrated the far corners of the world and have survived into the modern age.


Sanford received a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Nevada, where he was also a post-doctoral researcher. He has received many awards from universities, foundations, nonprofit groups, and the National Science Foundation.

Monte was a prolific traveler before the global pandemic. He has visited over a thousand ancient temples, sacred sites, museums and libraries around the world. He used to split his time between Asia and America. Currently, lives in the beautiful mountains of Idaho, USA.

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